Custom models (deburrers, grinders, and polishers)We can also engineer these systems to meet customer specifications for dedicated systems according to finishing process testing results.

1.When you need deburring and grinding for large components
2.When you need a fully automated system built into a line
3.When you have unique standards for your company's operation panels or components
In cases like these, Yamaha Fine Tech can provide you with a systematized design optimized for your working environment.

Procedures for deploying special-order models

Procedures for deploying special-order models
Once quality has been confirmed through testing, we will help you select the best robot and peripherals to consistently achieve that quality, and we will then work with you to narrow down the specifications you will need.

Customizable sections

  • Workpiece grasping to hand
  • Tool grasping to workpiece jig
  • Workpiece supply and removal device
  • Dust collection (dust hood, different piping for changeover, dust collector)
  • Safety (safety enclosure, area sensors, emergency stop button)
  • Sequence control
  • Operation panel

Standard peripherals

  • Tool heads compatible with
    workpiece grasping robots
  • Tool holders and
    Tool changers compatible with
    Tool grasping robots

Example of a special order finishing robot

Example of a special order finishing robot

This example shows a customized system that enables both automated supply from the previous process and automated supply to the next process when workpiece finishing is complete. This is a workpiece grasping finishing system equipped with four machining tool heads.

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Inquiries regarding finishing robot systems

This page lists contact information for inquiries finishing robot systems.

    • +81-53-467-3601(FA Division)
    • +81-53-467-3613
    • Contact us
  • Yamaha Fine Tech Finishing Robot Systems

    Here we will introduce some of the advantages of Yamaha Fine Tech's exclusive tooling mechanisms and finishing controls

  • Deployment flow chart

    We will guide you through the process of deploying a finishing robot system, from ordering and design through production and delivery.

  • Examples of workpieces

    These are some examples of the types of workpieces our systems have been used for.

    • Car parts
    • Automobile parts/Bicycle parts
    • Turbine parts
    • Electric appliance parts/Electronic machine parts
    • Precision machine parts
    • Machine tool/Machine parts・Tool
    • Daily necessaries/Household articles
    • Sporting goods/Medical appliances/the others
  • Product sample videos

    Here you can watch videos prepared to help you better understand what some of what Yamaha Fine Tech's finishing robots are capable of.

Factory visits

Our facilities include a demo room to allow customers to come and perform evaluations and tests on our equipment. Please contact us to find out more.