Helium Leak Tester for Aluminum Wheels

This tester enables air leak inspections regardless of wheel size (between 13 and 20 inches).

A leak tester for aluminum wheels for automobiles and motorcycles. Automatic wheel size detection makes a larger production scale possible.
The cycle time for this machine is between 20 and 30 seconds.*

  • * Cycle times vary based on specification programs and the number of chambers used.

Helium Leak Tester for Aluminum Wheels

Leak Tester for Aluminum Wheels for Automobiles and Motorcycles

After a wheel has been injected with a gas containing helium up to a specified pressure, the Helium leak tester uses mass spectrometry to measure leakage into the chamber and then determines whether that leakage is under or above a leakage threshold.

Automatic wheel size detection

The automatic wheel size detection feature gives you more freedom in selecting manufacturing schemes.

Automatic equipment condition checking

The Helium leak tester maintains its accuracy by running a master check at specified intervals to ensure that all of its equipment is functioning properly.

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Helium Leak Tester

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