Contact-free ultrasonic inspection equipment
(airborne ultrasound)SST-304 Series

Products in this series use ultrasound for contact-free, non-destructive, dry inspection of workpieces.

What is ultrasonography?

Ultrasonography is a contact-free inspection method that passes ultrasonic waves through materials to create an image (graph) using sound (sono). This method allows for non-destructive, contact-free inspection for air bubbles, separation, and foreign materials inside parts.

Non-destructive, contact-free, dry inspection

The Yamaha-made ultrasonic amplifier is included in the apparatus to allow inspections that do not require contact with the workpiece. Non-destructive, contact-free, dry inspection allows inspection to be performed with no damage to the workpiece or exposure to moisture.

How is it different from X-ray inspection?

Ultrasonic inspection allows for clear detection of air bubbles, separation, and other problems that are difficult to detect with X-ray inspection.

Can be incorporated into a production line or automated

Compatible with a variety of manufacturing modes
Equipment can be designed and fabricated according to required specifications

airborne ultrasound SST-304

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