Precision machinePuncher for creating Tooling and multi shaped holes, Micro Probers for inspecting printed circuit board continuity and insulation, scribers, and more

A New Standard in FPC Manufacturer

We manufacture and sell equipment primarily for machining and manufacturing printed circuit boards for hole punching machines and electrical inspection equipment.
We have a rich lineup of machines and devices to fit whatever process needs you have. Please get in touch with us and see what we can do for you.

Line up

  • Film Puncher
    Film Puncher

    Punchers cut round holes in film materials such as FPCsFPCs and touch panels.

    • F602 Series
    • F500DC-RTR/F500DC-GFR
    • F250DD-RTR/F250DD-GFR
  • Trim Puncher
    Trim Puncher

    These machines cut irregular (non-round) holes in film materials such as FPCs and touch panels.

    • T501/T502
    • T501P
    • TH600
    • T901
    • T261-GFR/T151-RTR
  • Micro Prober
    Micro Prober

    These Micro Probers can be used for high-density double-sided or multi-layered printed circuit boards.

    • MR612/MR502
    • MR262-GFR
    • MR252/MR252-M
    • MR262
    • MR182-A
    • MR512-GFR/MT512-GFR
  • Scriber

    These scribers divide ceramic boards.

    • S125-ALD
    • S230
  • Placers

    Placers apply temporary support plates for working on FPCs.

    • PS404
    • PS504
  • Film Placer
    Film Placer

    These are shield film placers for FPCs.

    • PT601-SR
  • Tray setter
    Tray setter

    This is an automatic tray setter.

    • PR401
  • PCB placers
    PCB placers

    This is a machine for automatic placement of high-density interconnect (HDI) printed circuit boards (PCBs).

    • PP614

Factory visits

Our facilities include a demo room to allow customers to come and perform evaluations and tests on our equipment. Please contact us to find out more.

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Inquiries regarding precision machines

This page lists contact information for inquiries precision machines.

    • +81-53-467-3601(FA Division)
    • +81-53-467-3613
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